Jul 1

The Osaki OS-4000D is the massage chair for you

osaki-4000-massage-chairI was out in the market looking for a massage chair that would definitely suit my needs, I was always at a massage parlor getting massages that cost me a fortune, never thought that it would come to a point that I got tired of it but still looked for a massage every day. What’s even worst is that I don’t have the time to go to one anymore. So I went into a store looking for a massage chair and came across the Osaki OS-4000D model OS-4000 Executive ZERO GRAVITY Massage Chair, it was somewhat love at first sight.

So I asked the salesperson to give me details about it, he threw your typical pitches about how good it was and the typical introductions from the manual, but I wasn’t ready to spend thousands for a massage chair that I haven’t sought advice about, so I told him that I would comeback in a week or two if I find myself interested, but he told me to try the chair out, so I did. When I first sat on the chair, it was definitely cozy and fit me right on, I’m 5’7” and I could sit in it just fine, he even told me that if I were taller, I could adjust it to suit my height and body size, but I wasn’t going to buy it because I fit in just right. He turned the the Osaki Massage Chair review on and he asked me what kind of massage I wanted, he said that there were different choices to choose from, so I went for the type of massage that I usually get from the local massage parlor that I went to, shiatsu.

And there I felt like I was at the massage parlor all over again. I asked him how much it cost, just to find a way to get out of the store, even though I wanted to buy it from him right away. I wanted to get out just to read on the different reviews on the internet, just to make sure that I am getting my money’s worth and for a much more in depth look into the different features of the Osaki Massage Chair. Comprehensive informationa nd specifications at www.best-massagechair.com

So I told him to give me a week or two to make my final decision and if I decide on buying it, I would definitely buy from him. However, whenI got home and went on the internet right away, I read good and bad reviews about it but most of the bad reviews seemed like they were made up, because I didn’t feel any of the said bad situations they have encountered. After a week, unfortunately, I didn’t go back to the store because the price was a lot higher in store than online. I bought it online which I thought was weird to buy a massage chair online but everything was fine.. hehe Its been almost 5 months now and I am still very happy with my Osaki OS-4000D model OS-4000 Executive ZERO GRAVITY Massage Chair massage chair.

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