Apr 10

Analyzing the Coco Mat Natural Mattress

Your search for the best natural organic mattress for your baby will end here when you read about this extremely high quality mattress. These mattresses are handmade in England and there are no chemicals, PVCs or plastics that are used to manufacture the Coco mat. This makes the mattress completely non toxic therefore the baby will get a nice healthy sleep on this mattress. The materials used to make the mattress are completely natural making the mattress 100% organic.

babymattressCoir from coconut husks are used to make a layer of fabric that is breathable and supportive. An organic lambswool that has been has been dipped in a mixture of lemon, lavender and eucalyptus to make free of dust is used to wrap the coir. The wool used controls the temperature of the mattress keeping it from being too or too low making the mattress ideal for baby to sleep on even in varying temperatures. The natural materials used to make mattress make it have higher spring and support than other mattresses that are made with materials that are not natural. The breathability of the mattress is incomparable as the materials used make it have better air circulation.

The mattress covers are two and the cover on the surface is removable and washed in a machine washer. Washing the cover in hot water always will make the cover dust mite free always. The size of the coco mat make it fit perfectly in baby cribs so you don’t have to worry about the mattress not fitting well when purchasing.

The coco mattress is a natural fire retardant and doesn’t use any chemicals for that purpose making it one the few natural mattresses available that have met the required flame retardant standards. This mattress will allow your baby to spend their sleeping moments comfortably and risk free.

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